Sunday, July 26, 2009

Advanced Style

[Photographs by Peter Dean Richards]

My cool friend Jeff,, recently got me onto this blog.

Man, there are some absolutely wicked golden oldies photographed on here. It would be great to start a bit on how Sydney style only gets better with age. Check it out here

They are some pretty inspirational folks, much like Percy up there. Go check them out...and Jeff's page too!


Academy For Men & Lions at your Door

Issue 3 of Academy for Men is out now! Hoorah! It's such a great magazine but ya know those talented lookers from Lions at your Door are pretty damn great too.

Their debut E.P of the same name is out now, go check them out at their launch tour August 6th at the Hopetoun. They certainly know how to get even the hippest of hipsters shaking their bums!

This is a shot I styled for an article on them in Academy for Men, was a fun day. Go read it at and go listen to the guys at