Wednesday, December 16, 2009

an ode to ziggy...

A few months back Dan Boud and I worked together on a shoot with Cloud Control and Leader Cheetah. We had a make-up girly on board so at the end of the shoot Dan jumped on the opportunity to do something a bit fun.

Al from Cloud Control was roped in for some face painting and I threw a Cheap Monday shirt on him.

The pics turned out beautifully, Dan and Al nailed it. Above is my favourite from the bunch but to go see more check out Dan's website:

Monday, December 14, 2009

oh those swedes....

My good friend Ceris came over the other day and he never fails to show me something cool on YouTube. This time he showed me a couple of amazing video clips from The Knife and Karin's side project, Fever Ray.

Truly crazy and totally inspirational.

I love the kitsch feeling in The Knife's clip for 'Pass this on'. I have a strange attraction towards wooden wall panels like's a little unsanitary I know but I just can't shake it. And Ceris told me this is an especially interesting and unusual clip as it actually features Karin and Olof, i.e. the dude dancing with the hot tranny and the bug eyed girl at the table. Great song too, I especially like the steel drum sound, it takes me back to music classes in England (it started off as a bunch of us taking the piss but we actually ended up playing the steel drums in a piece at our school's music night, haha).

The other clip I popped the link up for is Fever Ray's 'Seven'. Dude. I love me a cool pensioner....and people....this one is pretty special. The entire clip is stunningly beautiful with, I feel, the perfect amount of creepy. This seems to be a trend in Fever Ray's music vids, a perfect compliment to the haunting sound of her music and lyrics.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

press play - zine

Press Play is currently available for free at these cool Sydney stores:

Cream on Crown
Grandmae Takes a Trip
Dorby Den
Bourke St Bakery

It features interviews with fantastic photographers, Thom Kerr, Jeff Yiu and Adam Custins plus 6 of Sydney's best up-and-coming musicians....and some pretty cool photos to look at.