Monday, May 24, 2010

devendra, i love your crazy

What else can I say but that this is a fantastically gutsy clip by one of my favourites, Devendra Banhart.

Devendra is really quite an all round entertainer, his cheeky (don't pardon the pun) performance releives me from an awkward viewing and makes me want to watch it again. Of course it helps that the Cinematography and Art Direction is beautiful.

p.s, anyone else think that clean-shaven, short haired Devendra looks a tad like Rudy from Dexter??

sydney patio furniture

Photographed by The Satoralist, sat on by slags.

Pic by The Satorialist

And p.s, the "deal with the house couch on the porch" is the same kinda thing as the smoking jacket, something comfy that will stop your good couch inside smelling like smoke. Yeah.

album covers that make me want to buy it

The third release from Mystery Jets, Serotonin, is getting a pretty good rap. I honestly haven't head any of it but whatevs. This album cover rocks. The colours, layout and Duran Duran-esq piss take is so up my alley.

In fact, their entire back catalogue of shoots, album covers and styling is totes up my alley.

I adore their matchy matchy stylings and on-location shoot concepts, especially in the top album cover. Nothing like a clever location shoot with a tongue-in-cheek vibe, adore the floaties. I have used some of these images as inspiration for shoots and styling in the past and I'm sure I will again in the future. Funny though, the poolside shot reminds me a lot of a shoot I did with Lions At Your Door last year but today is the first time seeing this particular image. Soooo digging these guys.
Not sure who the photographers are but I do want to find out who did the two covers, looks like it could be the same person, they're beautifully nostalgic in their style.

Monday, May 17, 2010


pic by Jefske

Funny thing happened last week. I got a phone call from Ben, Decorated Generals, asking if I had something to do with their being on the front cover of MX. My confusion quickly answered that one but yep, to everyone's surprise an outtake from a shoot I did with them last year made the cover! It was all to promote a music showcase at Oxford Art Factory which the boys were part of last week.

Pretty funny! But really, It just goes to show how a press pic that's eye catching and different from the rest will get, uhuh thats right...PRESS!
I'm sure I'll be posting more about these guys soon, I've started working with them for their live shows. They're making some really beautiful and smart music so make sure you get along to check them out.

styling lions at your door

pic by jefske

A few months ago Lions At Your Door asked me if I could help them out with some styling for their shows. I couldn't say no, their music is ridiculously great, they are awesome and I love styling them. Win.
I have grand plans for them when they start on their next tour. In the meantime I work at making them all look cohesive on stage, whether that be with colour or similar tailoring. Lead singer, Marihuzka, can rock a sequin dress like no other and violinist, Sweetie, can mix n' match styles and layers in a way I wish I could!
Meanwhile, the boys would make a Bonds Chesty and baggy shorts look good (not many do) so my job is super easy. Boom.

You can catch them at Mum, World Bar, 28th May. See you there!


I got to work with Dan Boud a while back on a shoot with a band who have been branded as a bit of a hero of Sydney's North West, Parades.

It was a blustery shoot taking place all around Tempe. I got to run around with flares, play with orange smoke and do a bit of a cliff balancing act, all round good fun really.
I dig the range of pictures we managed to achieve in a couple of hours! My favourite is the last image, where the boys look as though they are walking against the wind but in fact the tree permanently looked like that. oooooh.
Their debut album, Foreign Tapes, is out now, yo. Go get!!