Monday, May 17, 2010

styling lions at your door

pic by jefske

A few months ago Lions At Your Door asked me if I could help them out with some styling for their shows. I couldn't say no, their music is ridiculously great, they are awesome and I love styling them. Win.
I have grand plans for them when they start on their next tour. In the meantime I work at making them all look cohesive on stage, whether that be with colour or similar tailoring. Lead singer, Marihuzka, can rock a sequin dress like no other and violinist, Sweetie, can mix n' match styles and layers in a way I wish I could!
Meanwhile, the boys would make a Bonds Chesty and baggy shorts look good (not many do) so my job is super easy. Boom.

You can catch them at Mum, World Bar, 28th May. See you there!

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