Monday, May 17, 2010


pic by Jefske

Funny thing happened last week. I got a phone call from Ben, Decorated Generals, asking if I had something to do with their being on the front cover of MX. My confusion quickly answered that one but yep, to everyone's surprise an outtake from a shoot I did with them last year made the cover! It was all to promote a music showcase at Oxford Art Factory which the boys were part of last week.

Pretty funny! But really, It just goes to show how a press pic that's eye catching and different from the rest will get, uhuh thats right...PRESS!
I'm sure I'll be posting more about these guys soon, I've started working with them for their live shows. They're making some really beautiful and smart music so make sure you get along to check them out.


  1. Love your blog Vikki awesome news to get a cover! Keep up the fab work and can't wait to see more!